What’s in a name? The story behind “Rockerbox”

At Rockerbox, we’re all about making the lives of marketers easier.

Using real-time browsing behavior, we identify and target user intent with our Recency Analytics solutions and Recency Marketing services.

You might wonder, then, how the name “Rockerbox” fits into that picture.

The History of the Rocker Box

A Google search of the term “rockerbox” likely leads you to sepia-toned photographs of gold miners like the one above.

Using a box set on rockers, these miners sifted a mixture of sand and gravel in search of gold. Here’s a short video of a rocker box in action:

Sifting for Gold

Just as gold miners used rocker boxes to separate dirt from gold, Rockerbox analyzes millions of ad impressions daily to surface real-time insights about who customers are and where they browse. We believe that a user’s most recent browsing behavior is the most important for identifying and targeting the prospects that matter.

And we’re not alone in that belief.

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